The palette and time signatures

• Jun 26, 2014 - 13:37

I notice that the palette behaves a little differently than I would expect it to, If I hover the bar line over any area of a measure, whether the measure is occupied or not, it activates the highlighting, When a measure is unoccupied, the time signature from the palette will only activate the highlighting if hovered over a very tiny area of the measure. Why should it work like that? The signature ought to activate the highlighting if hovered over any part of the whole area of the measure, whether occupied or not. Unless, I am missing something. The time signature activates the highlighting properly if the measure is occupied by notes.


I think what you're describing is a bug - time signatures have to be dropped somewhere before the last note/rest of the measure, whereas barlines can be dropped anywhere. This seems to have already been fixed for the next version - in the development builds, the drop regions for both barlines and time signatures appears to be "anywhere between the lines".

BTW, for most palette items, drag & drop is not necessary. If the item is to be attached to a specific element already on the score (like replacing one barline with another, or adding an articulation to a note), just select the element(s) you want to apply the item to, then double click the item in the palette.

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