separate parts to score possible?

• Jan 12, 2018 - 17:21

Hi, I'm new here.
I just wrote four parts that I would like to compile into a score. Is this possible?


Take one of these scores, add the other 3 instruments, copy/paste the notes across, save as a new file.
Or do you mean 4 movements? Then use the album feature

Assuming you do mean you created four separate parts for four separate instruments that you intend to be played at once, then indeed, the way to proceed for now is to first create a full score then copy and paste your existing parts into it.

For future reference, though, you've basically done it backwards. The way things are supposed to work is, you first enter your music into a full score, then you use File / Parts to generate the parts. This is much simpler and works much better than the way are trying to do it.

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Yes, indeed, that's better than starting from scratch then copying all parts in. I should have acknowledged that. But even using the trick of starting from one of the existing parts then copying in the others, it still won't be as easy or work as well as starting from score then generating parts, so for future scores, definitely better to do it right to begin with.

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