.mscz file changed to an unknown file tpye

• Jan 13, 2018 - 21:13

Seemingly overnight, the piece I was editing changed from a .mscz to an unknown file type that Musecore can't read. I've tried opening the backup files, but they don't seem to exist. It isn't in the AppData\Local\Musescore\Musescore2 folder, nor does the .MSCZ, file exist.

The highlighted file in the screenshot is the file in question, the website won't allow me to upload it.

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That is the backup file MuseScore created when you last opened that score. If your original is gone, then rename it without the , on the end of the extension and it will be recognized as a MuseScore file.

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I didn't see the starting . on the file, so I figured OP must have already renamed it with out it, but the , at the end would have been added by MuseScore since the OP doesn't seem to have done that himself. The backup .name.mscz, files are invisible. I'm wondering where the original file went since the main and backup files are usually listed one after the other in my directory, which is sorted by date modified. His seems to be listed in alphabetical order.

On further examination I wonder about my original analysis. I'm assuming this unidentified file has a .mscz, extension but I could be wrong. The screen shot to too tight so I'm not sure of the operating system. If it's windows, you can right click the file and, using Properties..., rename it adding the .mscz to the end of the file name and tell Windows you it's OK when it tells you that you are changing the extension. The worse that can happen is that you still have a file MuseScore can't read.

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