Viola middle D is sharp and Violin high A is flat

• Jan 16, 2018 - 06:14

The subject pretty much says it all. By high A I mean the A on one ledger line, aka A5 (the bottom A on a piano is A0)

This is just a problem with the sample library being improperly produced. There is an easier fix than re-recording however, and that would be to simply fine tune the samples digitally. The amount that they would be shifted is very small so it wouldn't noticeably affect the timbre.


The note in the 1st ledger line above a viola staff is a B4, provided you use the default clef for viola.
If you use a G-clef, then indeed you are right about the A5.
Which is middle D for you then?
Can you share a sample score that shows the affected notes?

I guess you are talking about the Viola sound of the default soundfont, Fluid_3Mone_GM.sf3, right?
Which version of MuseScore?

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