numbers of bars per system affected when inserting vertical frames - 2 problems

• Jan 26, 2018 - 23:00

All 3 voices have been entered by the book. The sheet is too crowded, giving me up to 6 measures per system. I then insert vertical frames by selecting the last measure of each system. I manually reduce the height of each vertical frames for a comfortable fit of all systems on 1 page ( = p.1). Problem 1: On page 1, the software gives me only 2 bars per system. On p.2, where no vertical frames are inserted, the number of measures per system is less affected giving me 3 or 4 bars per system. Problem 2: I can't remove the vertical frames. File attached.

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Why did you insert vertical frames? Was it to alter the distance between staves? If so, you can do this by ajusting Style >General >PAge >Stave Distance or by placing a “Stave spacer” from the Breaks and Spacers palette.

I see no problem in deleting the vertical frames (and they indeed to cause a system break, so if you insert them at measure 3, that measure will go to the next system, resulting in just 2 in the system before)
Increasing the min. system distance (not staff distance!) to 10.5 makes the sheet less crowed, if you want less measures in a system, use a system break (AKA line break) from the breaks and spacers palette

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Also, to be clear: a vertical frame by definition breaks the line. So if you insert a vertical frame before measure 3, then of course you will only get two measures on the first system that;s what you asked for. Again, though, if your goal is to break lines, better to just use line breaks.

On page 2, with your current settings for page, margin, and staff size, plus measure & note spacing, this is as much as will fit. If you want more measures per line, you need to alter at least one of those settings. Right now you've increased the margin and staff size significantly - much larger than most published music. You might consider backing that down a bit. But if you want the "big note songbook" look, you'll need to compensate elsewhere to make things fit. Try reducing the overall spacing in Style / General / Measure, for example. But you'll find that if you do so enough to fit four measures on the first line of the second page (a value of 1.1 for spacing, for instance), things look awfully cramped.

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