staves won't fit on page

• Jan 27, 2018 - 05:54

I've thinned my bottom page margin to the point at which it's almost nonexistent and set the music bottom margin to straight zero--yet in the attached score, it makes no difference on the first two pages. There is clearly enough room for at least one more stave at the bottom of each page--just look at all the empty space down there. And compare the third page, where all the space is filled up. I can't figure out what's wrong on the first two pages. Can anyone tell me?

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PageProblem.mscz 34.97 KB


Looked at this a little while, and it's mysterious to me too. One odd thing is your min system distance is actually larger than your max, but even increasing the max doesn't help. Decreasing min does - so that plus perhaps increasing also increasing max will work around the problem. But I'm not sure what's triggering this right now. Looks like we are trying to make sure there is room for another staff plus the min system distance below it, which we shouldn't be. Will need to investigate further.

@Cadiz & Shoichi: Thanks, yes. That workaround does the trick.

@Marc: thanks for also confirming that I'm not crazy. I probably would've looked more closely and spotted the min-max discrepancy if it weren't for the fact that on the third page the space was being filled, so it was clear that something besides my own settings was wrong.

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