Strings and Woodwinds

• Feb 7, 2018 - 07:29

Mind if someone can add a "Strings" and "Woodwinds" so it could be a part in and of itself (along with possessing a grand staff) or can edit/make one. It would save me a lot a time and energy when working up my scores and composing, especially when working with large orchestral layouts.

I've also noticed "Brass" (not the category itself) under the instrument selection (as well as the obvious 'drumset' (body of percussion instruments) and just plain 'voice' (which can cover a very wide range across many voice types), so I was wondering if the same system or function can be applied to Woodwinds and Strings as a body.

I've inserted a snapshot so you can get a better picture of what I'm saying.

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Would the attached (handcrafted) template pass muster (I took the Brass settings for bracket, barlines, clefs and range as the basis to create strings and woodwinds)?
There's a bit of a problem with woodwinds: I haven't found a sound that spans the entire spectrum, I took the flute sound, but that doesn't really sound good at the low end.
Not a problem for strings though, it even includes pizzicato and tremolo.
We could add those 2 groups as 'regular' instruments.
Should it be "Woodwinds" or just "Winds"?

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"We could add those 2 groups as 'regular' instruments.
Should it be "Woodwinds" or just "Winds"?"

Either one would be fine. As for the winds, the sound could at least span the common orchestral wind instruments, instead of the uncommon or ethnic/foreign wind instruments. Though I understand that there are a lot of w.w. instruments for them to be blended/weaved together.


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