Preparing MuseScore 2.2

• Feb 7, 2018 - 14:14

The next version of MuseScore will be MuseScore 2.2. It will come with many bug fixes and some new features and will be compatible both ways with the 2.X serie. The release note is a work in progress but you can have a glimpse here

To release MuseScore 2.2 as soon as possible, we need your help. How? Read along.

Translating MuseScore

For MuseScore 2.2, we changed some sentences and added a couple hundreds new strings. If you can read this post but English is not your native tongue, you can help. Join hundreds of translators to make MuseScore perfect in your own language!

You can find all the instructions on this page. While you are translating, you can test your changes directly in a MuseScore development build in Help > Resource Manager. Note that you can translate the software itself, but also the video tutorials or the “Getting Started” score. Feel free to ask any questions about the translation process on the translation forum.

Test a development version

Every time a developer makes a change to MuseScore, our continuous build system creates an install package for Windows, macOS and Linux. Anyone can then join the testing party! You just need to download a recent development build and try it to create or edit a score. Make sure to download a 2.2 development build and not a master one. For MuseScore 2.2, the development builds should be able to open MuseScore 2.1 files and MuseScore 2.1 should be able to open files created with a MuseScore 2.2 development builds.

If you find something odd, or a crash, note down the exact steps to reproduce the problem and go to Help > Report a bug. In the form, write down the exact steps to reproduce the problem. Find more instruction about how to write a good bug report


we changed some sentences and added a few hundreds new strings
And some of us are waiting for notifications from Transifex....
Thank all for your work.

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That is for a development build from master, right? 2.x doesn't have "Don't break", "Staff spacer fixed down", etc.
It does however use the 2.2 translations, only there are new and changed strings that are not on Transifex (and won't be until shortly before 3.0 gets released)

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