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On Transifex I can not find the string 'Discard'


As with other software I would prefer that it would in Italian become 'Non salvare' rather than Tralascia


(and I'd be curious to know from where 'Tralascia' jumps out)


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In 2.1 we do have the sources for this in share/locale/qt_it.ts and build qt_it.qm from it, in 2.2 and master we dropped most of those and use the ones from Qt directly. We only kept those Qt does not provide, the others were too much of a moving target, next to impossible to keep up-to-date.
So are the translations in a 2.2 nightly any better?

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As in the picture above:
on 2.1.0 (Theme Light) is 'Scarta'


on the version taken from http://prereleases.musescore.org/windows/nightly/ (Theme Dark) is 'Tralascia'
In the afternoon I will check how it looks on Mint but I do not think it will be different.
Tralascia (Omit) is a synonym that is not used in other software as far as I can tell, but this is a small, negligible detail. The Italian forum page is not crowded and no one has reported it. So for now we can keep it like one 'Vezzo' ;-)

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So in 2.1, with our outdated and possibly hand edited copy of qt_it.{ts,qm} that button reads "Scarta", while in 2.2, using Qt-5.4's set of qt*.qm files it is reads "Tralascia"?
For good measure try a build from master. It uses the newer Qt-5.8 (probably 5.9.2 shortly) and as such yet another, and newer set of qt*.qm files. You can try with the attached files too, in either version of MuseScore.
And if you don't like the translation, please report it to the Qt folks,

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