Harpsichord Collection

• Feb 11, 2018 - 17:21

Here is a small collection of harpsichords I created to share with anyone that's interested:
List of Instruments:
- Italian, 17th century (from SoniMusicae). Suitable for Corelli, Vivaldi, and Italian Baroque in general. In order for it to be playable, however, you must manually enter it into the mixer.
- French, Nicolas Blanchet, 1720 (from SoniMusicae.) Suitable for Rameau, Couperin, and 18th-century French music. This instrument has been manually tuned to 1/4 comma meantone. It is unplayable on its own, like the Italian, and must be manually entered into the mixer.
- German, Christian Zell, 1737 (sampled from Barcelona's Musical Instrument Museum.) Suitable for Bach and other German baroque composers. This instrument is tuned to 1/5 comma meantone.
- English, Jacob Kirkman, 18th Century. Suitable for Handel, English Baroque music, and even early Classical.
- Harpsichord from GrandConcertHarpsichord. A bit quiet.
- Flemish (from Loofa's Clavecin). A bit quiet.
- Harpsichord from No Budget Orchestra. A bit loud, but has a bit of a muted sound that is fairly pleasant.


Does somebody have a not broken link of this soundfont? Could he please share it? (yes I am writing the same question in differents topics but I would like to have all these soundfonts) ^^

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