PDF export not working. Noteheads and rests are invisible. (Mac OS 10.13.4)

• Feb 12, 2018 - 09:35

Just today when trying to export a score to print, noteheads and rests appear invisible in Preview. Even on old pieces I try to export are now not exporting properly. I reinstalled musescore, restarted my computer, made sure all the fonts were installed in the font book. I know the fonts aren't the problem because I can print already existing PDFs just fine, it's just when I export new scores they dont export properly. In order to print scores, I have to upload them onto musescore.org and then download them as a pdf.

This is possibly because of the new beta of Mac OS I installed today, I am currently downgrading to see if that fixes the problem.


It can still be a font problem, the fonts being embedded on the older PDFs, but not in the newer, due to them being installed rather than the builtin ones?

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