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• Feb 13, 2018 - 10:07

I compile tunes that consist of 8bar staves, each stave marked A, B, C, etc, at the LHS of each stave using Rehearsal Marks.

Being lazy, I create new tunes by editing old ones, but when I have to change the key signature, time, or contents of the first bar, I have to adjust the Horizontal Offset to place the mark in its previous position - this has to be done by eye so it's difficult to get consistent placement.

1 - can the Rehearsal Mark reference be fixed to an immovable point, the LHS of the stave for example?
2 - is there an alternative way to add the required text (boxed for preference) referenced to a fixed point?

I note issue #268339 touches on this topic (though inserting a line break would cause problems!) - perhaps alignment could be tackled at the same time?



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It's better to attach your actual score rather than just a picture so we can advise better. My guess is that you have your rehearsal mark text style set to "center" or "left" horizontal alignment rather then "right". Change to "right" and you won't need manual offsets at all. The reasons for this somewhat non-intuitive arrangement have to do with the different standards that exist for rehearsal mark positioning. It just so happens that most of the situations where people want rehearsal marks aligned at the margin when they occur at the beginning of systems (as opposed to the more usual position to the right of the clef, key, and time signatures) also happens to be situations where people tend to want the rehearsal marks to appear before the barline rather than directly over it when occurring mid-system.

If this doesn't straighten you out, please attach your score and describe the situation in a little more detail

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Thanks very much for your suggestion Marc.
While checking, I found that the Rehearsal Mark had been set to "Stave" style (how that came about I can't remember). Changing the style to "Rehearsal Mark" and setting to Right alignment fixed the problem - the Rehearsal Mark now stays put when I change key, etc.
Thanks again

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