musecore video score on youtube

• Feb 17, 2018 - 23:28

I notice that prospective viewers get easily put off because of the black Icon that represent the musescore videoscore especially when posted on Instagram, it doesn't give them the propensity to check the videos since they can only see a dark pitch Icon. is there a way you can make the videoscore look attractive to gain more viewers. the quality of the video is also a concern. click on these to understand what I mean


Hi Solomon, do you know which frame Instagram uses as the picture? Also what do you mean with the quality of the video? MuseScore creates sharp 1080p videos before sending them to YouTube. If Instagram transcodes them down, there isn't much to do.

Hi, can you help me please? I am desperately looking for the possibility to save or export my musescore files to a videoformat that I can publish on youtube. My choir needs them to rehearse their parts. I became pro member to be able to do this, but I cannot find the how to do this...

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MuseScore doesn't provide any export format for video or YouTube. though does, so please go there, like to
Then again I don't see how a video score on youtube helps in rehearsal, just storing the score on should do to the trick already, including playback. And those even embed in other websites:

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Thanks for helping. Well - the thing is dat when I present them a videofile in which they can actually see the black or blue line 'travel' along the score note by note, it makes it so much easier for them. And it creates more awareness and experience in reading sheetmusic. Most of them don't have that skill

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