Save directory defaults

• Feb 22, 2018 - 06:08

When I'm working on albums, each song is in a different directory, in which I keep the musescore compressed, musescore uncompressed, pdf, and documentations files all in one directory for each song. This means I have to carefully "save as..." and verify what directory the save has defaulted to for each type of save I do. When I go to save my work on each song, the save of the compressed score to a given directory brings along the uncompressed save to the same default directory, but the pdf file or an mp3 save is still back in the last directory I saved a pdf or mp3 to. Oft-times this means I just overwrote the last song I was working on. Is there a way to make all the save functions first try to save where you input the file you are working on? If the default save path simply followed the Score Properties file path, and always put all the save functions in that directory, it seems it would be friendlier. An ability to save automatically to one given folder for each type of save would be another nice way to be able to set it up. (all pdf go to one file, all mp3 go to another file, all musescore compressed to a third) I can see end users wanting one or the other, and wanting to be able to choose which. If you've already considered all this, feel free to ignore this. For now I get by find just never using "Save" and always checking what directory I'm in with "Save As..."


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