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• Feb 24, 2018 - 16:33

Anyone know how to play just one part (say, the alto part) instead of all the parts at once? I've tried all the likely (to me) keystrokes--holding down Ctrl and play, Shift and play, etc. Thanks


Sibelius allows you to select which staves you want to play in a quick and simple fashion. Musescore needs something like that! Sure, you can select which instruments play in Musescore by checking and unchecking instruments in the Mixer, but that is horribly tedious in a large score.

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In Sibelius, as in Musescore, the default mode is to play the entire score. If you want to play a single or a group of staves in Sibelius, you simply select them with the mouse. Only the selected staves sound when you hit the play button.

The most confusing part in Sibelius (at least for new users) is getting the entire score to play again after you have done this. Clicking a bar line with the mouse is one way to do this.


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My request would be thereby, how it would be useful to work inside MuseScore? To select an individual measure or several measures via "ctrl" on the instruments? Or to have a check box before the staffs? Or do you have to select the whole staff? Or a range of selected measures?

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If you want Musescore to work like Sibelius during playback, you would simply select some measures in the score with the mouse. Any staves within the selected area will play when the "play" button is hit, starting at the left-most measure in the selection box.


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Hmm, but is that so different from 'Press F-10, click on 'mute' for all staves you don't want to play'? Maybe an
'invert mute' / 'select all' button might be nice.
The one scenario that's hard to relaise currently: how to only play certain voices within a single staff. How is that done in Sibelius?
[EDIT:] this post is meant as a reply to JayW's comment. Stupid forum software ...

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No idea with Sibelius, but in MuseScore you could conceivably tie this to the Selection Filter.

I'm not crazy about the idea of playback suddenly depending on whether or not I have something selected. Seems likely to drive me up a wall if I want to playback the score. But since we already set the playback point to the beginning of selection when in loop mode (which I rarely am), maybe that would be a way to keep the current behavior most of the time but allow you to turn on the "play selection only" feature via the loop button on the toolbar?

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I can understand your concern, Marc. I looked at what Sibelius does with playback and it is a bit more complicated than I suggested at first. The "Play" button in Sibelius actually has an associated drop down menu; if you want only selected staves to play, you hit "Play Select" in the drop down menu. Adding a "Play Select" button to Musescore would be one option, although that would clutter the user interface.

I use the mixer and then you can click on the box with the word solo to checkmark which individual Part you want to hear..or even have two instrument a play by checking two solo boxes if you want to hear a few parts.

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Doesn't work for me. If I have two voices on the same staff, say sops and altos I can play both but if I mute sops the alto part doesn't sound on playback. Also tried using solo but result the same. It appears I will have to place parts on two separate staves to get separate playback of each.
Maybe I'm missing something?

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Use a) the Women 'instrument' and b) the S/A text from the text palette on the first chord/note/rest , then in the Mixer 'unfold' that Women 'instrument' and enjoy the separate solo and mute buttons as well as the volume sliders. This may not have existed back in March 2018, unless using the Closed Score SATB template.
Or just use the mixer to switch of/on the different voices

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Thanks Jojo the more complex routine works. In a) I selected the staff for S/A and in b) I just clicked the text palette SA which made S/A appear above every note-chord in the staff. Then in went into the Mixer and to play alto, I muted voice 1 which I had as soprano, and clicked the S for solo for alto voice plus the mute for sops voice and hey presto it plays just the alto line.

Second point "just use the mixer". Doesn't work that way whichever combination of mute/solo/mute voice/lower volume I use, the mixer always plays both voices or none without the preliminary routine of S/A palette etc. as described above.

Anyway it's good to be able to do this - thank you.

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I've tried the mixer several ways at length. There appears to me to be a problem. If I use 'mute voice' 1 or 2 for Sops and Alts I can indeed hear individual voices. When I do the same for Ten/Bass I always hear both vocies, whichever is muted appears to make no difference. I also find that the condition prevails whether I play about with the M or S buttons in various combinations. That's what I meant when I said it didn't work for me. Unless it's something in my writing it looks like a glitch in programme. I attach a file I have just used to try to make it work.

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