Just started using Musescore and have a few questions.

• Jun 29, 2014 - 17:44

Hi. I've been using a nightly build of musescore (b4066a7) because for some reason I can't get version 1.3 to work. Anyways i am coming to this with no musical training or knowledge except a healthy love of music ranging from classical to opera, classic rock to today's rock and tons of video game and film scores. I actually only started using musescore because I'm writing novel and the main character write's for the harpsichord and one of my friends from work suggested I try my hand (probably to stop asking a ton of questions every time I see him.

So moving on, I've started writing music with musescore and have a few questions.

1) I'm working with three instruments (viola, oboe and harpsichord) and a I know that I can change the volume via the mixer, but what I want to know is can change the viola's volume at a specific point in the score because it's drowning out the other two instruments.

2) I'm not familiar with the oboe and when I play that part back there is a clicking noise as well as the oboe sound. Does anybody know why this might be happening. Would it be because of the funny see-through notes with a dot at the end of each one, or is this just a normal noise associated with the instrument?

3) I want my score to be a specific length, about 2.5 minutes, mostly cause I'm new and this is really hard (but fun). Everything is in 3/4 time with two of these ## symbols. Right now I've done about 40 seconds, but is there preference setting or a tab that would give me an idea how long the finished piece will be?

I appreciate your time and thank you in advance for your answers.




but I can give you the welcome.
Take a look here:
keep in mind that the dynamic palette is there for modulate the intensity of the sound;

The sound of the oboe: maybe you could attach your score here (file attachments) and someone can check. The point at the end of the note increases its duration. Try to slightly modify the settings of the synthesizer;

Specific length: Depends on how many measures you will write, you can vary the speed of execution:

Why 1.3 does not work? Can you describe the problem?

Better to ask a question at a time, specify the operating system and explain in detail.

Are you using Windows, Mac or Linux? If you can't get 1.3 to work, does 1.2 work (a problem noted on some Mac's)?

1] Drag the appropriate symbol from the Dynamics palette (f, ff, fff etc.). Make it invisible if you want it to be heard but not seen, as it were.

2] The clicks may be part of the sampled sounds, i.e. intrinsic to the soundfont used rather than to MuseScore. Alternative soundfonts are available but not all instruments will sound perfect to everyone. Clicking can occasionally be sorted by reducing reverb.

3] Generally a piece lasts as long as you want it to then you listen to it and if it is too short you add a bit and if it is too long you cut something out. If you mean here that you are transcribing or arranging a piece rather than composing it from scratch then you can work it out by multiplying the number of measures by the number of beats per measure and then dividing by the number of beats per minute. A 2.5-minute piece would have 100 measures of 3/4 time at 120 beats per minute. You then have the option of increasing or decreasing the tempo if it must be 2.5 minutes.

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Hi. I'm using a mac pro (2012 model). At first when I was using Musescore 1.3 I was getting no sound at all, and then I managed somehow to get sound but it was extremely faint. Now Muscore 1.3 seems to be working now that I pointed it to the sound font I want to use. I have also moved over my score and the clicking noise on the oboe has vanished completely.

I'm composing my own music but am aiming for the 2.5 minute mark because I'm finding it very hard. I might also transcribe some Dragon Warrior music later. How do I find out how many measures there are?

Thanks to everybody for their help. I may have more questions later.



Ah, I may just have shed some light on the double-posting problem that someone else has. Whilst trying to edit my post I hit the Back button on my browser then re-submitted an already-submitted post.

The clicking is a known issue in the experimental nightly builds. They are not intended for real use, so hopefully you have 1.3 working by now. BTW, see the Display / Synthesizer for the master volume control.

Remember, this is a notation program first. if you want to change the volume of a particular part, you do it the same way you'd tell a human player reading your score to play quieter - using dynamic markings.

You can see the timing of a piece by opening the Play Panel (also in Display menu).

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