Single staff, then double staff on same page possible?

• Mar 5, 2018 - 17:11

Is it possible to have the first 4 lines of my score be single staff (like violin), and then have the rest of the page be in double staff (like piano)?
I am using it for looks not for sound, so even if I could set the page to "piano" and then somehow hide the leftmost system barline for the first four lines, that would be fine, though I would still need to solve the repeat symbol which is at the end of the line, which connects both top and bottom staff (treble and bass clef in the grand staff, that I want to look separate). Even when I click Staff Properties>Hide System Barline and click the checkbox, nothing seems to change. Maybe I'm misunderstanging that language? I'm looking to make 2 lines of piano music look like 4 lines of single-staffed music.

I don't want to copy paste a white box, manually separating that repeat symbol at the beginning and end of the line if I don't have to.

Thanks in advance.


hehe, lol, paste a white box... Have you tried "measure" properties instead of staff properties? Do that by clicking on the measure of where you want to hide the staff and click on the stave number you want to not be visible by unchecking that box.
Then, to connect the single stave to the staff below it, click on a measure line and have your "inspector window open" (f8) . When you click on a measure bar, the window inspector will pop up with a box and will have the words "spanned staves" on the bottom half and a box with a "1" in it.... put "2" in that box to connect the two staffs...
Also, note that if you have the two staffs connected and wish to not have them show for a few measures, you'll do the measure properties as usual, but in addition to that you'll have to click on every measure line in between the measures you don't want to be shown and make that measure line "White" instead of black in order to make the complete 2 connected staffs disappear for a few measures yet still be able to have it visible within the same page or whenever...

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