Search Cinese/Korea/Japan (ckj) file name problem

• Mar 7, 2018 - 01:36

The Chinese name in score search online has problem. Can not search like any other normal Chinese search engine. Nothing can be searched! Please fix the file name search in Cinese/Korea/Japan (ckj) problem. The ckj file name search is not like English file name.


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for example

Search "愛情" result "上主求你垂聽我的禱告", totally wrong…

I upload a file name is "雙調夜行船秋思" (the system delete Chinese words in default, I need to enter by myself…)

Only search "雙調夜行船秋思" I can get the file.

But in Chinese language search:
Search "雙" result "nothing" but Chinese really need one word search due to the language usage. 雙 means "double things".Chinese not symbol language
Search "思秋" result "nothing"
Search "雙調" result "nothing"
Search "夜行船" result "nothing"

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I think the issue is probably "no spaces between words". I'm not following exactly where this search is, but I guess that if I have score "Musing in gold", then searching for "Musing" or "Gold" finds it, but "Singing" ('sing in g') obviously doesn't. For Chinese (or Japanese) it is more like looking for strings of characters within a longer string. Hope this helps.

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