Add library option is disabled in MuseScore project in QT

• Mar 10, 2018 - 13:56

Add library option is disabled in MuseScore project in QT. Therefore I can't add library to the project. How can I fix this.


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I dont' know why this option doesn't show up at all in your Creator but I think that menu option is deactivated because MuseScore uses CMake and IIRC QtCreator can't really modify a CMake project the same way it can modify a qmake based project. I think Gangani needs to modify the CMake setup.

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While we are at it: what's the purpose of linking the Mysql client lib into MS? Using that would require a MySQL server installation as well, which is pretty unrealistic for most MS users (unless you use the embedded MySql server library ...). If you "just" need a database it might be much simpler to use Sqlite, wich is an in-process SQL database (i.e. it doesn't need an external server running). It's probably best to use Qt's sql module for that (

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