Beautiful Orchestral Harp SoundFonts and SFZ Library

• Mar 10, 2018 - 22:16

I have been searching the internet for Harp SoundFonts or SFZs with Harp Samples, and the Only ones that I found so far were the VSCO 2 CE Harp, Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra Harp, GeneralUser GS Harp, Sonivox Harp, Clavinova Harp, Jason Somerlad Gothic Harp, Etherealwinds Harp II CE, as well as this one,
Don't get me wrong here everyone, i actually think these are accurate SF2s and SFZs. But the FluidR3 Orchestral Harp and TimbGm Harp STINKS!!!!!

This Harp Library that I actually made has lovely Harp Samples that I found from... Ummm???... I DON'T know where I found them. Maybe from the Kontakt Library that comes with these Demo Instruments?, Or the EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Library? You can decide for yourself on where these samples were found.
I probably DON'T have these Collection of Samples anymore, but they're still in the SoundFont which I also converted it into SFZ, and SF3.

You can download the Sound Library Here.

I'm pretty sure we can add this SoundFont and replace it from the Old FluidR3 Harp to the New Default SoundFont from this forum.


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