Playback auto scroll score problem

• Mar 12, 2018 - 02:22

If the lyric over the bottom of screen but the measure in the screen, musescore do not scroll to make the whole lyrics show when playing the score.
Also the next auto scroll score still can not see the lyrics.
That is really a problem for singing song.


True, the playback feature in MsueScore was not really optimized for use as a score-reading tool. The mobile apps are better suited for that purpose. But to get better results if you do try to use MuseScore for this, try Continuous mode.

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That's basically what the online web player of does. We are using it in our choir for practicing; it also allows the singers to adjust their own volume/instrument choices, they don't have to install anything (but having an up to date browser) and can't change notes by accidental dragging.
Yes, it does come at a (imo low) cost (currently at $49/year); so you'll have to decide for yourself if it's worth it for your use case. For us, it is.

To complete Marc's comment, the mobile apps are re-engineered from the ground up to make new navigation modes possible such as the horizontal and vertical modes we already have in the MuseScore notation software. No ETA yet though.

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