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• Mar 13, 2018 - 22:12

When I was ready to do the tweaks in Page View for printing, there appeared text (system text and staff text) that had either been moved or deleted and no longer showed in Continuous View. I am unable to select it to delete it. It's as if it's embedded in the background. How can I see this text in Continuous View or select it and get rid of it in Page View?

Specifically, in the upload, there is some anomalous text at measure 39 in the left margin. I haven't gone page-by-page through the whole thing yet to know if there is more. But I'd like to know how to take care of this issue myself now or in the future. Thanks in advance (TIA)!


I'm not seeing what you're seeing? Can you screenshot the wrong text? Or at the very least say which text it is, so I can look for it?

Looking at your score however, there are a lot of things out of place (take for example the rest positions of the lower vocal staff in that m39: the 1/4th rest now shown on top of the 'years' actually belongs to between 'best' and 'years'.
After import, the first thing I always do is Select everything and reset the default positions (Ctrl-R) before starting the cleanup of whatever was detected wrongly.

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That's very strange. The text, scrawled from margin into system, (a) disappears under the screenshot filter and (b) does not print. But it is so there on my screen. If it's not showing up on the website, I guess I have to live with it.

As for the multitude of extra rests, they have been a pain in my behind, left over from importing the pdf of the original score. Getting rid of them is a Herculean task, and I've done it where I needed to. Many more of them are "hidden," which the conversion program did on its own, and don't print. But they do move around on their own, showing up in all kinds of improper places. The piece plays correctly on the playback, so they don't seem to be being "read."

However, next time, I will definitely take your advice with resetting, but I didn't know about that and didn't understand what was happening with all those rests as I started to edit and add to the score. It's more than a matter of copying the notes, deleting the content of the measure, and replacing the notes. They have to each be put back in individually. I'm not sure it's worth it if I can just white them out.

Thanks for your help.

I didn't see any differences between the two views either. I did notice that the score was imported from PDF which explains some of the layout issues. It doesn't explain why you dragged Sardonically from the second staff to the first or why you made necessary rests invisible.

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I didn't make any rests invisible. The program has done that all by itself. I didn't even realize you could do that until I was well into my score and refocusing my efforts in trying to get rid of the anomalous rests globally, as the manual method was screwing up my score. But I only read about it, I didn't try it.

And the singing dynamic is where the singer begins. I'm not sure what you mean.

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Again.. not seeing that issue here at all.
Both in Page as in Continuous View there is no extra whole rest in m40 in the score you had attached here.

Rests you can't delete are like in voice 1. Each staff in MuseScore can hold up to 4 voices, but it always needs a full measure in voice 1. This is what allows MuseScore to notate different simultaneous rhythms in a measure.
See for more information about that.

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I think you mean measure 39 where the extra treble clef is. There are 6 1/4 notes in the left hand of the piano for some reason and an extra 1/2 rest has been added to all of the other instruments to make room for them. The actual duration of the measure has been changed to 6/4. For you to change this, right click the measure, select measure properties and change the actual duration to 4/4. Keep in mind that if you do this the last to 1/4 notes will disappear from the piano, so you need to find out what that measure should say then fix it. There are also 2 extra beats of rest in the second voice so that measure will need to be rewritten as well.

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Thanks, Mike320. There are measures that won't "fix." That is I can't make all the rests disappear even though the properties say the measure is 4/4. I'll keep working on it. But composing the song was hard enough! The techno aspects are almost easier for me, but when it doesn't work the way "it's supposed to," I'm at a loss.

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I actually think I've got it fixed, thanks to everyone's suggestions about reset and hidden notes and all that. After multiple resets, the weird text in the margin became selectable, so it's gone. Yes! I also think my beats and measures are fixed, so thanks to everyone who commented on those. One of these days, I'll have this program down! In the meantime, it's a fabulous learning experience. Good for the brain!

In general, programs that attempt to convert PDF to MsuicXML in order to allow import into MuseScore will do a pretty bad job of it, and you'll often get notes with the wrong duration, on the wrong count, in the wrong voice, and measures with too many / too few beats. So it will take a lot of work within MuseScore to fix the errors those programs introduce. In many if not most cases, you are probably better off just entering the music manually. But if you do want to keep trying, first step is to go through each measure in Measure Properties to make sure they all have the proper number of beats.

As for text, I don't see the issue in measure 39, either - what text specifically? This happens if text is dragged right off one page and onto another; at that point it is "orphaned" and can't be edited normally. Best thing is to select all (Ctrl+A) and hit Ctrl+R to reset all positions, then move things more carefully where necessary. If something needs to be moved more than a small amount, better to cut and paste it to move it to a different staff or note.

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Well, that's a disappointment. It was Musescore's own Import PDF that I used. It did warn me that it is was beta software and might need clean up, but since I have 20 songs I need to edit, all on PDFs, it still seems easier than entering them all manually. One click click click (value, measure, note) at a time.

Thanks for all your input, fellas. I appreciate this program and the support. It's making things possible I could not have achieved otherwise. Too bad it doesn't fix anything for me though! LOL.

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