About the Add Note-Name Notehaeds Plugin

• Mar 17, 2018 - 04:32

Is anyone having any success using this? When I try to implement it the noteheads end up far away from the stems. I play with the settings and have some improvement, but the biggest concern is the letters on the noteheads are so small. Is there a way to make the heads and letters of the note bigger?


"Is anyone having any success using this?"
Absolutely :)
For the settings, here (eg for Alpha Noteheads option), the change of the vertical offset setting (ie 0,50 instead the default 2,10) works pretty fine. Make tries.
For the noteheads and letters bigger: well, if intended for print, increase the scaling in menu "Layout" -> Page settings. Or/and increase zooming of your score?

NB: Know that this feature will be implemented natively (it is already done in the development versions) in the next major version 3.0. So, with an easier/automatic behaviour.

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Could you attach your score (or an excerpt via File -> Save the selection) to check what is going on.

EDIT: if the assomption is correct, see last comment: remove (right-click, all similar elements, Del.) the named noteheads, and redo the process with the plugin and the actual bass clef on your score.
Otherwise, attach the score.

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