2.1.9 RC: Guitar Harmonics B2 and Bb2 have crackle with Musescore General soundfont

• Mar 24, 2018 - 04:36

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Especially annoying since one of my scores uses the instrument in that range a lot. But, I hope ChurchOrganist (or whoever organizes the soundfont) can fix it in time for full release.

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Here, from first checking, there is no difference with 2.2 RC and previous versions 2.x (and FluidR3)
This does not happen on a note or specific notes (or I maybe missed something). And no more for harmonic sounds. The effect will be the same with another sound, distortion, overdrive.
This happens when the notes are repeated quickly (with sixteenth notes for example, but not with eighth notes), and here with a high tempo (here quarter note = 156)
An identical effect, of memory, occurs with the timpani, for example, associated with tremolos. A limitation of the soundfont. My understanding of the subject after a first check.

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I exported it to mp3 using the new soundfont and it's still there, take a listen.
You're right, there is no difference between General Musescore and FluidR3 - they both have the crackle. It's more apparent for B2 and eighth note B2's, but the sixteenth note Bb2's still have the crackle sporadically. But I don't think it was there in 2.1, or I would have noticed it.

...Well, I can't login to Musescore (in the program) with my alt account for some reason (a bug? or because I'm using the RC version?), so I can't save it online it with the mp3. I'll seek an alternative method.

Edit: Alright, here on SoundCloud.

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