adding/changing meter of whole piece

• Sep 9, 2009 - 03:27

In working on the passage I posted about yesterday, I have decided to rewrite the 3-4 music in 2-4. But how? The notes are the same (and I would hate to have to start from scratch), I just want to "bar" them differently. I have just been right-clicking each bar and changing the "actual" meter from 3-4 to 2-4. That seems to work but is a bit cumbersome. And also, though I don't exactly know how it happened, there is now no meter written at the beginning of the piece (and the first "bar" is a sixteenth-note pickup), and I can't seem to add one. Any suggestions?


When I was writing in 3-4, the first "bar" was a 16th, a dotted-eighth, another 16th, another dotted eighth, and another 16th. In trying to change this to 2-4, I decided to make the first note, the 16th, a pickup, and then the first bar would have two full beats in it (and I changed the nominal meter to 2-4). So I (perhaps made the mistake of having) inserted a new bar before this first bar and decided to just rewrite the 16th-note pickup, and then edit the first full bar. When I did this the (two-sharps) time-signature appeared in BOTH of the first two bars, and the meter appeared in the second (or first full) bar. I highlighted the meter and right-clicked and hit CUT. So that left me with no meter, and two consecutive bars with key signatures. I can now neither rid myself of the second key signature nor add a meter anywhere.!
THanks very much

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