Different soundfont when uploaded?

• Mar 29, 2018 - 02:55

Hi. I uploaded my transcription of Bartok's Piece for several times. (because it has so many mistake to fix) And When I played it on Musescore website. It's the different soundfont! I have tried to reuploaded but it didn't work. I don't like that soundfont. But it doesn't happen to my other score. It also change 8va and 8vb to bold (which I don't like; too .-.) It didn't happen before...
Could it be bug or something?
You can check it in my account.


Hi! I'm not too sure of your question, but I can offer a suggestion to what I think you're inquiring. I think that you're using a different soundfont than the general one, and you're trying to upload that one instead. But when it uploads, it translates to a bunch of xylophones and stuff, and it sounds really bad because the score audio doesn't upload all the way. I am questioning about this myself, but I would suggest to stick to the original soundfont if you can. Hope this answers your question!

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Oh. Nah. I didn't change my sf tbh. I don't know why this happen ._.
It doesn't the same sf as other piece. Like. Take a look in my acc. And compared the Miraculous with the Toreador. It's the different sf!
I'm sorry if I confused you :/ I'm not that good at English. Hope you understand what I said! :)

MuseScore.com has changed to use the new MuseScore 2.2 soundfont, for every score that gets uploaded after that change (which probably happened last Monday)
Scores uploaded before still sound as they did when uploaded.

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