How to get Musescore to playback correct instrument pitch?

• Mar 29, 2018 - 03:08

I've been transposing a piece that was originally written for violin into alto sax for a while. I know I have correctly transposed the music because I've asked other musicians and played it myself on the alto sax and it sounds correct. The only problem is when I play the transposed piece on musescore along with a digital recording of the actual piece performed on violin it sounds super demonic and VERY wrong, but when I transpose the music back into its original form it but have it play back in alto sax, it sounds perfectly fine. I've been told this is because musescore is actually playing back the concert pitches on alto sax and not how the notes would actually sound on alto sax. Is there are way to fix this and get it to playback the actual Eb alto sax sound?


To transpose from one instrument to another right click the staff, click the change instruments button to the left of the middle of the dialog and select the new instrument. Next, make sure the concert pitch button is not pressed. Finally, make sure all the notes are playable on the new instrument.

You've probably made it too complicated and transposed it yourself and it's now transposed wrong.

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Transposing instruments (like most saxophones) have different notes and key signatures for the same note than concert pitch instruments like flutes and pianos. If you look at a jazz ensoemble score, for example, you will see the various key signatures of the different transposed instruments in the saxophones and trumpets. The other instruments in most jazz ensembles will be in concert pitch, but there are variations.

When a conductor says to play a Bb scale, The flute plays a Bb scale, the alto sax knows to play a G scale, the tenor sax plays a C scale, the french horn plays the F scale and so on.

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