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• Mar 30, 2018 - 00:41

I'm new to MuseScore, I'm sorry if this subject has already been discussed here before. Is it possible that a G7 (# 5 # 9), (as shown in attached file), could be written just like that - everything within the parentheses is written above the normal line of type, except that I 'd like to use a regular font instead of jazz font. Thank you.

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hmm... it would be possible to use a custom chord .xml file. Maybe based of the chords_jazz.xml but where you replace the font with a regular font. But the I think there might be a few special symbols for chords that only belong in the jazz font and don't appear in standard fonts, so especially if you are a new user, I don't recommend you try to to that. But it is "possible".

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Eric, thanks for helping. Well, as far I understand, anything I write within parentheses, changes to superscripted type in Jazz Style. That should be coded in the xml, I think. Maybe, If you could help me to spot the code line that refers to superscript changes, I would try to do something with a custom chord xml file and see what happens. Or, it is not like that?

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I've never really looked at the chords xml, so I don't know how much I can help. But from what I understand, the code breaks the string into "tokens". The open and close parentheses tokens are defined twice actually:

as a class "extension":…
as a class "modifier":…

But the code only treats parentheses as simply another token, so it doesn't anything smart like group stuff inside the parentheses.

My guess is that tokens of class "extension" will get superscripted. But I don't know. Marc Sabatella will be able to answer your question.

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It's not that parentheses trigger the superscripting; it's the fact that it comes after the main extension "7". All modifiers after the extension get superscripted except the ones that are set up not to, like alt and sus. Some of this is hardcoded into the font design itself, others are set up in the "token" declarations in chords_jazz.xml. Specifically, with the "m:" adjustments in the "render" tags. See the comments towards the bottom of the file for more info.

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Just to give another example, The screenshot below shows a 6(11+) that works perfectly, but the 7(11) - line 242, which I added myself, won't. To my understanding, the two lines, 240 and 242, are scripted identically. Probably I'm missing something important here. Please, consider that I'm not familiar with xml language.

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Good job! You can also fancy if you like and define small versions of the symbols you want superscripted and use them instead - you'll see a number of symbols s2, s3, etc in chords_jazz. The MuseJazz font defines some of these itself, but others we "fake" by using scaling, and you could try the same. It does make the lines thinner too, though, and tends to work only in moderation.

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