Is there a way to watch the tools bigger in the palettes?

• Mar 30, 2018 - 02:51

I would like to know if there is a way to increase the size of the image of the tools in the palette. I remember they were bigger in earlier versions of MuseScore but in 2.1 these are very small. Thanks.


What OS are you on, and can you post a screenshot? MuseScore tries to detect your screne resolution and set things up appropriately, but in some cases things don't go correctly. Is the score itself also small at 100% (should be actual print size)? We provide "-x factor" and "-D dpi" command line options to set a scaling factor or DPI explicitly. Also on some systems setting the environment variable QT_DEVICE_PIXEL_RATIO to "auto" (or some other value can help.

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Windows 10. I think there is very tiny the 100% view as I show in the images below. I don't understand whath do you mean with "We provide "-x factor" and "-D dpi" command line options to set a scaling factor or DPI explicitly." Where can I set the environment variable to "auto"? Thanks for answering.

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Based on your screen shots, it appears the score and the palettes and the icons are all too small, but the font size for the menu looks about right. This is generally a sign that your system is not reporting the monitor resolution properly. Is there something unusual about your monitor configuration - a second display on a system, a TV set connected via VGA, etc? There are some cases where we know Windows won't report the correct resolution to us.

In your case, it should be the -D option you want to set. Find out the true resolution of your monitor in dots per inch, and add that after the -D. Like, "-D 300" if the monitor is 300 DPI, "-D 72" if it is 72 DPI, etc. Or just guess. TV sets are generally 72, monitors sold as "retina" are 200 or more.

As for setting environment variables, I don't think that will be the answer here because the symptoms would be different if you were having the slightly different problem this was designed to solve. But for the record, environment variables can be set in the Windows 10 "System" app, Advanced system settings.

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