Wide Range of Instruments Missing From The Instrument List

• Mar 31, 2018 - 00:55

When I try to add a new instruments to any of my scores (this one for example) whether it be through Edit>Instruments or by Right-clicking an instruments name>Staff Properties> Change Instrument, the only instruments that I have the option to add or change to are Marching Percussion and Woodwinds, and the only woodwinds available are Piccolo and Treble Flute. Does anybody know why this is happening, where the other instruments are, and or how to fix it?

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I would say you probably have something entered into the search box at the bottom of the instruments list, but that doesn't make any sense.

Is this the only file where you have such limited choices of instruments?

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Every file I open up is like this, unless I make a new score for the very first time, then every instrument appears. All existing score or template have this issue. I always check if i had something typed in the search box and nothing is there.

Check to make sure that the instrument list that you have up is the one you are looking for, and also that the search bar is clear. It is not a problem with the score, as I downloaded it and can do anything without problem, so it is probably a program error.

If all else fails, just run the MuseScore installer again and it should fix any problems.

Check the dropdown at the top of the instruments dialog to be sure you have either Common or All Instruments selected. Also see Edit / Preferences / Score and be sure you don't have a custom instruments.xml defined. And then as mentioned, try Help / Revert to Factory Settings.

Thanks to every one who tried to help! I had to change the path to my instrument list and RESTART the program. That immediately resolved the issue.

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