How to playback BASS line only in piano score

• Mar 31, 2018 - 19:19

I sincerely apologize if this subject has been discussed in this forum. However, I have a piano score where I have the treble clef and bass clef staves. I want to listen to only the BASS line in playback. Is this possible? I know I can single out SA and TB in different voices. How do I do that with the piano accompaniment? Thanks!


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Either insert a second piano or select all the notes of a stave and make them mute by Inspector
(enter notes in the attached and set 'solo' in the Mixer)

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Create a score with 2 pianos and from the top one remove the bass staff, from the bottom one the treble staff, setup brackets and barlines, then copy/paste your other score's notes
Now you have 2 entries in the mixed and can solo either one

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