mid-staff changes

• Apr 2, 2018 - 00:17

I have a score with three instruments, ie. three staffs running concurently.
Is it possible to switch to a different number of instruments (such as one) by somehow "stopping" the unwanted staffs from at some point in the score?
Or, even better, is it possible to have two or more different scores within one score, one after another?
Any ideas? Thanks.


See Style / General / HIde empty staves for the first. For the second, not sure if that's related, but assuming they have the same basic instrumentation (eg, the same three staves, some of which might be empty) then see the Album feature.

You can accomplish this by putting all required instruments in your score, then right click the staff of each instrument you want to keep during the entire piece, select Staff Properties, and check the box "Do Not Hide if System is Empty". Next go to Style>General>Score and check the box "Hide empty staves"

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