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• Apr 4, 2018 - 13:29

I was hoping that with Musescore 2.2 and 2.2.1 that the developers of QT plugins would have addressed blank dialogue boxes when I try to run plug-ins of Musescore. They haven't. I have an HP Compaq 6000 Pro computer with an Intel DuoCore2 processor E7600 and Intel Graphics card Q45/43 Express chip set. I'm running Windows 10 64 bit.
Attached is what I'm getting. I tried re-setting and adjusting my chip sets, but I screwed-up my Windows 10 and crashed my computer and had to reinstall windows 10. Lost a lot of files too.
Hopefully the developers of QT plugins can address this issue soon.
Best regards,
Hadley Hazen

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Sound like a know issue with Graphics cards/drivers not supporting OpenGL, see #240646: plugin dialogs are empty on Windows XP SP3, graphics card needs to have its own OpenGL compliant driver and/or high enough DirectX support through ANGLE

And actually you have been told that a while ago, see
This is nothing MuseScore can solve, and in 2.2(.1) we're still using the same Qt version as in all Mu2.x versions, and have to, so be able to use webview (used by the start center), so even if that were fixed by Qt in a later version, it won't help here.

Sorry for the trouble. Could you launch "dxdiag" from "Type here to search"? It should display a panel. Can you attach a screenshot of it?

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You indeed are the victim of Microsoft not supporting OpenGL in its default WDDM driver for "older" Intel chipsets and Intel and Microsoft playing the "it's up to them to fix it"-game, resulting in nobody fixing it.

While the latest official driver for that specific chipset from Intel is still a WindowsXP version (; it is also listed as compatible the 4 Series family driver (…-?product=81507) for Windows 7.
According to this post on the Intel community forum it is possible to use this driver under Windows 10 as well with some manual fiddling; which should then give you OpenGL support.
Apparently you currently won't be able to play Minecraft either…

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Thank you for checking more thoroughly. I can't install a new card in this all-in-one. It is a great device. Just have to live with it's limitations, like a lot of technology. Musescore is still a phenomenal music notation program and can be used without the plugins. Some plugins, like note names work fine.
Thank you all again.
Hadley :)

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