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• Oct 4, 2017 - 05:26
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The consoles that plugins create to choose options are all blank windows. The plugins that work are ones that don't need console, like note names. On other computers there are no issues. I'm using that latest Java, Windows 10 64 bit, HP 6000 All-in-one. There are some "cool" plugins I would like to use, but can't because of empty console windows, even the "hello" is empty. Is there something that needs adjusting?

Musescore is of course a fantastic professional program without the plugins.

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You mean plugins with a Ui, right? Plugin console is part of the plugin creator.
As mentioned in https://musescore.org/en/node/256301 this got to be something on this particular computer, as it works fine on others, with the same OS, plugins and version
Or is it a difference between 64bit and 32bit Windows? And therefore also the reason for your question in

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Status needs info closed

Seems the OP deleted his account or got deleted? So we're not likely to get more information about this issue

@jojo the OP deleted her account. This was not possible in the past, but this policy was changed. One can deleted an account, but the content is not and contributed to anonymous.

OK, phew, I was already afraid that I might have fat-fingered the 'report as spam' function ;-)

Apparently right after a new account got created for the same person though.
And the fact that those posts show up in tracker as being modified, is that a bug or by design?

Hi JoJo,
Here is my screen when a plug-in dialog box looks like when trying to run.
I'm running Windows 10 Professional 64 bit on a 64 bit computer. HP Compaq Pro 6000, 8 gig memory. Drivers are all current. This is what I meant empty boxes when running these kind of plugins. I hope you can figure out.
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P.S. I've also installed and tried Musescore 64bit and I get same issues. This version is also quite unstable. I love current Musescore looking forward with the next stable release.

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I have no explanation, and this is exactly the problem. There got to be some different between your setup and that of me and others.
It could be some interaction with some other software you have installed and I don't (or even vice versa), could some software that also uses Qt, but in a different version for example. Could be some incompatible hardware, like a graphics board, or some driver not supporting a certain feature like DirectX or incompatibility with OpenGL. These are all wild guesses, stabs in the dark, though

Come to think of it: see http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/windows-requirements.html
For Qt Quick 2 to work, a graphics driver that provides OpenGL 2.1 or higher is required. The default driver from Windows is OpenGL 1.1.

As far as the quick qt for windows. How do you update it? This is really going beyond my knowledge and experience. Will it mess up my system?
Doesn't the installer of musescore install this for Windows already?

Simple: you don't. It comes as part of the MuseScore installation.
It may well be a problem with the meanwhile older Qt5.4 (needed by MuseScore 2.x), and your newer hardware, possibly fixed in the current Qt-5.9.2, but even if so that ain't gonna help you, as MuseScore 2.x needs Qt 5.4. The next major version will come with that newer Qt, the current nightly builds use Qt 5.8 already (but there the entire plugin framework is currently broken)

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Me too. Just started w MS installed on Window 10 box. Wanted to use the Harmonica plugins. Plugin windows come up blank. Tried the installed Hello world and the other window demo plugin. They are blank as well. Already tried reinstalling MS. Verified drivers are up to date. Other ideas?

Be careful when trying to adjust your computer hardware for bad script that isn't compatible with your system. I crashed my Windows 10 trying to adjust my chip set settings. It isn't worth it. Just wait until plugin script writers get their script adjusted correctly.
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