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• Jul 2, 2014 - 15:21

Are there news about this feature:

"Playback in sync with audio file #
The goal here is to be able to play an actual audio file in sync with the score. An audio player needs to be added in MuseScore and an interface to map the audio with the score. The MuseScore file format will be modified to embed the audio file, like it does currently with images.
Modified file format
Add a vorbis player in MuseScore Done
User interface for adding additional media (e.g. ogg vorbis file) Done
User interface for selecting the play mode (play synthesizer, play audio track) Done
User interface to create special tempo map to sync audio with score"

I'd also like to add a suggestion. Would be nice if the audio player is actually some very simple audio wave editor, providing a function to split and delete portions of an audio file, in order to properly sync it to the beat of the score.

The tempo of the audio file should be independent from the tempo of the score, and if possible, to be editable separately with an option to slow down/reset to original tempo. That way you can adjust the tempo of the score and the metronome to the one on the audio file. Also would be nice if there is an option to choose which should playback: the score/metronome, the audio file, or both, which might be done in the mixer I think, with checkboxes for example.

That way, MuseScore would also be an ideal tool for transcribing music.


There was some initial work done to provide the basic feature, but it's not fully implemented and probably won't be any time soon - just not a high priority. And definitely not any sort of audio editing; there is far too much still left to within the world of notation. I think more promising would be finding a way of synchronizing MuseScore with some sort of audio program, and since that sort of thing also has applications to film scoring, it's probably more likely we might eventually see something like this some years down the road.

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Actually, up until now I've been playing with Ardour and MuseScore, and it can be done. Well the process is not as simple and smooth as it would be with a built in audio editor, but still it can be done.

-Set MuseScore's output to Jack.
-Create two stereo audio tracks in Ardour, one for the audio file you want to transcribe from and one for MuseScore and set the connections in Ardour or whatever Jack linking app you're using (I'm using Cadence)
-Set Ardour's transport to Jack

and voila- it's synced!

However, it is not fully synced. You have to select the bar where to start the playback separately in MuseScore and in Ardour. Looping is out of question, of course. If the song has multiple meters, you have to set the whole song structure in Ardour beforehand.

Also, you have to calculate the tempo and set it accordingly in Ardour and in MuseScore beforehand too.

P.S. You can also import video tracks in Ardour, so....the magic world of Linux, folks! :)

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Using JACK is the best way to solve your problem now.
You can use any external audio editing software you want (Ardour, Qtractor, etc) and sync it with MuseScore via JACK.
Now I work on full JACK support in MuseScore and understand your difficulties with sync. When I will end up with this, you wouldn't have to set anything manually.
After implementing you will need only:
a) Open MuseScore and your audio editor.
b) Click somewhere in your score or audio track.
c) Hit play and enjoy the perfect sync :).

I've already done something, you can see a demo video of syncing MuseScore and Xjadeo here .
Xjadeo is a tool you can use to load video tracks and sync with other programs via JACK.
By your points: repeats and loops are already done, and now I am working on syncing tempo (for example, slow down to hear the fast solo better if you're transcribing).
Can't say anything about independent tempo - need a use case.

On thougths the midi only capacity may still have to preserved by not actually integrating the imported audio track within the sheet but only playing it as a reference to the score.

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