Windows 10 crashes after installing MuseScore 2.2

• Apr 15, 2018 - 14:25

after installing last stable version 2.2, and trying to run it, Windows 10 announced error (PAGE_FAULT ON NON_PAGED_AREA), and began backing and messaging to Microsoft, than restarting. It happened each time, I tried to run MuseScore 2.2. After few times, some items, like search box in Windows 10 no more worked, there also was no sound. After uninstalling MuseScore and some more work on System recovery, which took almost a day, everything works fine again.


Well, what kind of computer do you run MuseScore on currently? Was it acting up before the update? Here's what I found for the minimum requirements for downloading MuseScore 2.2.

-Windows 7 or higher.
-CPU with SSE2 support (all processors since 2006), but see Unsupported versions for Windows.
-125MB hard disk space
-1024x600 pixel resolution

MuseScore doesn't require much, and every computer should come with more than the requirements for downloading a simple music program... do you know how many gigs of RAM you have? Most computers come with 8 or 16.

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