Musescore hangs on opening on Windows 10 (workaround found)

• Apr 15, 2018 - 18:49

I am new to MuseScore, I'm posting this problem along with a workaround hoping to be helpful to the developers and other users that encountered the same issue.

I installed MuseScore 2.2.1 on my Windows 10 computer, but when I tried to open it nothing happened.
The Task Manager listed the process as running, but the program didn't show up at all.

After a lot of Googling, I finally found a hint: using Task Manager --> right click on the musescore.exe process --> Analize wait chain, I could see that musescore was waiting for another process: splwow64.exe.
Killing splwow64.exe process made MuseScore finally open.

As explained in this post by Marc Sabatella:
"MuseScore does check the printer status on startup to try to figure out a good default page size to use"

The thing is: my default printer is in the office and not reachable when I'm home... therefore MuseScore was stuck. I'm not sure it's a Musescore problem or a printer system problem.

A more stable workaround (than to kill the process everytime) is to set the Microsoft to PDF printer as default --> THIS WORKS.
Now MuseScore opens correctly every time.

The drawback is that now I have to select the printer every time I need to print :-( , but at least now everything works.



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