Musescore 2 Won't Open

• Jul 10, 2017 - 14:53

for over a month now, I've been unable to open Musescore on my laptop. I click on the desktop icon, and loading symbol appears next to me cursor, but nothing past that. Trying o open it through any other means has been equally successful.

I've tried uninstalling the current version of Musescore which I've been using and installing an earlier version, doesn't work. I'm currently using Windows 10, but the software was working fine for a while after I updated from Windows 7.

Any suggestions would be immensely helpful.


It's also my problem. Musescore won't open and I'm not using a second Monitor. The Taskmanager tells me everytime that Musescore is waiting for another process (splwow64) but it tells me also, that this program works without any problems.
It is very strange, because after don't working for about two month it suddenly worked for perhaps a week and now it don't work again. I tried to install older and other versions but there wasn't any positiv effect. It was the same with the compatibility mode.
Now I ask myself: Where is the Problem?

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Cna you show a screenshot of the Task Manager window where it is showing you the dependency on splwow64? That is related to the print system. MuseScore does check the printer status on startup to try to figure out a good default page size to use. Be sure your printer software is fully set up and you have chosen a default printer and a default paper size for it.

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See, try -s, -d and -w.
If -w helps, this might be a firewall issue, if -s helps it'd be a sound issue.

Also check, esp.
•Nitro PDF Creator may prevent MuseScore 2 from starting on Windows 10, if being used as the default printer. Same for Amyumi/Quickbooks PDF Printer.
•Creative Sound Blaster Z Series ASIO driver may prevent MuseScore 2 from starting on Windows 10.

Thank you very much. The "-s" did it. But now I have no accustic review. But this problem is the less important one. The essential is a running programm.
Is there a possibility to bypass the problem with other software adjustments?

Hey, I did it. I ereased all the different Monitors, I use to check my recordingsessions, and there it is: MuseScore starts normaly without any problems and with the possibility of an accustic review.

It was very helpful to locate the weak point. The trace of the Taskmanager with the printer leads me a very wrong way. The tip, using the html tags, was great and I can advice it to all members with similar problems.

Much thanks for helping me!

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