Musescore maturing Pro

• Apr 17, 2018 - 12:34

I've been using programs like Finale, Encore, Overture, Sibelius from their early years of development. Since I arrange for my instrumental groups over the years. Muscore is now really is a pro program. All programs have issues including MS Office, Adobe In-Design, etc. It is the nature of all desktop smart publishing programs.

A comparison of Dynamics and placement, Finale has their "triangles" and dialogue boxes for vertical adjustments, Sibelius uses a dialogue box adjustments, Musescore uses text style adjustments. All are functional and do the same thing.

I would compare Musescore 2.2.1 as Sibelius was in version 5 or 6, before their magnetic layout and Finale 2014 or later. All publishing program, including MS Word uses various forms of magnetic layout with layers. Sometimes you need layers to collide and overlap each other to produce the correct visual affect. Other times it's just annoying. I'm looking forward to more brilliant versions of Musecore from brilliant programmers. One still needs to review and edit extracted parts, don't just rely on auto looking everything to be perfect. Adjustments still have to be made to the parts. All desktop programs, like Adobe and Publisher, has their parts to be reviewed and adjusted. For musicians the extracted parts have to be playable by live human beings.

Hopefully with the merger to Ultimate Guitar, Musescore can be pushed and accepted into more college and universities and publishers. Publishers usually just want a pdf and a sound file. If they need a editable file, you can use XML to give to them too. Libre Office is another example of brilliant Open Source office program that actually competes well with MS Office.

I notice Peakware's Finale price came down to $180 for their $600 program. When companies buyout other companies, you wonder if their product sales are doing all that well.

Music desktop software has to get out of the way, so the composer and arranger can create. All desktop publishing programs, like MS Word, Adobe, LibreOffice has to get out the way so people can writer and publisher their works.

Sorry for the rambling.
Best regards to all,
Hadley Hazen


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It's still a topic of development. That said, it's not necessary to release with a fully implemented smart layout, as it can be incrementally improved in the follow up (bug fix) releases. So it doesn't need to be blocking. As for what is implemented and what not yet, we will have to wait for an update from Werner.

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