is it possible to change the dynamics of a bar for all instruments at once?

• Apr 18, 2018 - 09:55

I have written a sort of orchestral work and most of the time the dynamics will apply to the entire orchestra (or at least most of them). Is it possible to put dynamics, hairpins and such in for every instrument at once (for the same bar obviously) rather than having to keep putting them in for every single instrument time and time again ?


It's possible to get that effect in the computer0generated playback, but of course when the score and parts are printed and real musicians play it, everyone will need to see dynamics on their own part. That's why it is pretty much the universal standard to include dynamics on all instruments even if they are the same.

Note it is often easy to add them all at once - just select the note in the first staff, then press and hold Shift+Down to extend the selection downwards, then double click the desired dynamic. Fails is the parts are different rhythmically, though.

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