Next Update Ideas

• Apr 21, 2018 - 05:50

I have a couple of ideas for the next MuseScore update that I would like to propose to the staff (and anyone in general). This update would probably take some time to come out, like next December, but it would be a fairly medium sized update and I think most people would find it appropriate for an upcoming MuseScore update. It would be mainly a SoundFont update, of course with some bug fixes. My ideas are the following:

  • Crescendo, Diminuendo and Fortepiano Crescendo playback: I know this can apply for a series of notes, but I'm talking about a hairpin dim. or cresc. that could be used for a sustained note, like a whole note. I know many people have been wanting this for a long time, and to my knowledge it's currently being worked on by the developers, so this could be a good opportunity to add this in.

  • New Musescore_General_sf3 SoundFont: Mainly in the percussion section (It has been mentioned that there are percussion samples being recorded primarily for MuseScore), but also in basically everything else. If you don't know, s.chriscollins is a virtual instrument designer and is working meticulously and profoundly on developing knew SoundFonts for MuseScore, so with his continued help and the advice of our community, we could really improve the instrument sounds of MuseScore to not make it mostly for scoring, but for acute and precise playback purposes as well!

  • More diverse articulations playback: MuseScore has just about every single articulation in the book, but the playback for the articulations just shortens or prolongs the notes. Staccato is not just short, is has a certain sound to it as well (for example, portato French Horns sound different than marcato French Horns, and so on). Sul ponticello, expressivo, sul tasto and more string articulations should be added as well.

These features would obviously take some time to complete, but these are just ideas.



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