Note names in Spanish translation

• Apr 21, 2018 - 15:02

I'm currently working on translating the Handbook to Spanish and I've run across note names in a dialog box that are wrong. In Spanish they call notes Do, Re, Mi... but in the Select->More... dialog all of the note names are A, B, C...

I've looked in Transifex and I can't find where this instance of note names appears. If someone could guide me in the correct direction I would appreciate it.


Simple: the strings used in that dialog are not translatable. It uses the same method as the status bar, there too the notenames are not translated

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True. The status bar did annoy me already, hadn't yet noticed that the selection dialog is affected too.
Feel free to put it into the issue tracker, not sure whether this is a bug or a (missing) feature though, nor how to implement it (any yes, I did look into this a while ago)
The culprit methods are Note::tpcUserName() and tpc2name()

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