How to color note heads.

• Apr 24, 2018 - 03:06

I looked through the handbook. I would like to color selected note heads red, as opposed to black, to distinguish the notes from other notes. I don't see how to do this or if it is possible.


Select the noteheads, click one then ctrl+click additional heads, then look in the inspector (press F8 if it's not seen). You will see a large black rectangle, click it and change all the head colors at once.

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This still works. I was a bit terse in my explanation previously.

Click a notehead then press ctrl+click any additional noteheads you want to change the color of. If the inspector isn't already open press F8 or use the view menu. Toward the top there is a large black rectangle next to the label "Color:" Click that and a color selector will pop up that will allow you to change all selected noteheads.

There is also the color noteheads plugin. Specifically described at but read the entire page if your not familiar with plugins.

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Thank you for this!! I just came up with the idea of color-coding notes for beginning students (especially the really young ones), and wanted to find a way to make each note of the scale a different color, so this is super-helpful! I also found some stickers from a company called Chroma-Notes that have removable stickers for keyboards. Hoping this system helps! Here are some resources I put together.

You can color code all the notes in a sheet and also give note names in just one click. It is unfortunate that this feature is hidden. Go to plugins menu, plugin manager, enable colornotes plugin, in which you find the color and naming option. Then see the magic.

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