MuseScore doesn't allow my macbook pro to go in sleep mode

• May 9, 2018 - 16:36

I just start to use Musescore and I find it very helpful but I meet a problem:
My macbook pro couldn't go in sleep mode while Musescore is open. And then my battery empties like 0%.
Please can you tell me how I can avoid this problem? (I know I can avoid it by closing the program but I don't have the habit to close any application, but I met this problem only with this)

Thank you in advance for your answer.


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I saw the Log in Dialog. But to be sure that's not the problem I log in and after I sign out but I still have the problem.
Can you confirm that in the activity monitor you have "no" in the "preventing sleep" column for the application "musescore"?

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Thanks, the linked post is very interesting and I could avoid musescore to prevent my macbook to enter sleep mode but in this case I can't hear any sound... I can't understand all the post and it seems that they speak also about windows but I don't understand the reason why this happened and for me it's a bug. Because like it's written in the post, musescore is the only application to do that.
Many thanks to all to try to help me but I think I must deal with this behavior.

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I've used musescore for 8 years and for me it's consistently been the sole application with "Preventing Sleep: Yes" ever since the Energy tab was introduced into the Activity Monitor in OS X Mavericks in 2014. I've always just ignored it as I've always been able to put my mac to sleep anyway.

What concerns me more is your observation that musescore drains your battery, which I believe. My observation has been that each successive major version of musescore has consumed more energy. I've attached a screenshot of my current system (macos 10.14.2) simultaneously running MuseScore 1.3, MuseScore 2.3.2, and MuseScore 3.0.5. All instances are hidden, backgrounded, and have no scores open. I've done this experiment several times on multiple macs and it's always been the case that 2.x is significantly more CPU-intensive than 1.x, and 3.x slighly more than 2.x.

This has always been just a slight inconvenience that I put up with because I love MuseScore, but I'm also curious to know what's going on and whether anything can be done about it.

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Hi Geion, it's been a while since you initially made this post. I'm experiencing the same problem. I'm a python developer and I'd like to see if I can solve this puzzle. I've done some testing and as of right now I'm thinking it might be something to do with the sound devices of our systems. Can you answer these questions? It might help me solve this problem.
1. I'm using HDMI to output the sound to my monitor. Are you doing the same? If not...
1a.) Are you using external speakers?
1b.) Are you using internal speakers that came with your MacBook Pro?
2. You stated you're using a MacBook Pro, as am I. What is your OS version? (You can find this by clicking the apple symbol in the far left corner and then clicking About This Mac. It will say MacOS and then version under it.)
3. Can you tell me the type of MacBook Pro you have? (You can find this by clicking the apple symbol in the far left corner and then clicking About This Mac. It will say MacBook Pro (Screen Size and Year)
Thanks! :)

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Hi Wildernessfamily,
I'm not using musescore for a while and I just try now and i did't met this problem anymore... Even if in monitor activity musescore avoid sleep...
I tried with interval speaker and with airplay with and external speaker (bose) exactly like some years ago...
I always use a macbook pro (15inch, mid 2015) with oS version: catalina 10.15.5.

Hi Geion, I apologize, I have one more follow-up question. I'm pretty sure I know what is causing the problem. Did you happen to have a MIDI device plugged into your MacBook Pro? Possibly a MIDI keyboard?

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