instrument names - changing how

• May 17, 2018 - 23:32

I have a score w Baritone and Acoustic Guitar staves. I simply want Baritone to be "Melody" and Acoustic Guitar to be "Rhythm Guitar".
What is easiest way to do this? I could not find a way to edit instrument names.


Dick Penny


Easiest - double click the name, type a new one, same as editing any other text. That assumes you are using a recent version of MuseScore (current is 2.2.1). In some older versions, you'd have to right click the staff and edit the name in Staff Properties.

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Marc - Thanks for your responses on this forum. I've learned a lot from your expertise. For THIS situation in my case, I'm trying to update the instrument name that I see displayed in the MIXER, or in the EDIT > INSTRUMENTS window, and neither are able to be altered from that spot.

I did import this from MIDI, wondering should I do this on the IMPORT window? Alas, didn't seem alterable there either!

Any help, thanks!
Joseph , Portland OR

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