Convert PDF to MSC

• May 21, 2018 - 19:39

I have a score that I completed and saved as PDF, and now it turns out that the original file only has a partial score. I can open the PDF and see the complete score, but not in MuseScore. I would like to tweak it a bit, but can't figure out how to convert it back so I can open in MuseScore. Any help?


In addition to the backup idea, I would search your drive for other copies. Almost certainly, you at some point saved the score to a different folder than the one you are looking in, and your subsequent changes went there, leaving the original file in its half-finished state. Find the more recent copy and you'll have all your work back. Use your operating system's file finding capability to locate all MSCZ files. If on Windows, be sure to check out the "virtual store" as mentioned in the article on backup files, as that is where recovered files can end up after a crash if you don't do a "save as" to put them somewhere else.

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