Multiple parts same line

• May 22, 2018 - 21:33

It would be good if you could have 1 line in the score for example - Trombone written in concert pitch and bass/tenor clef but have 2 variant parts 1 in concert pitch and bass/tenor clef and a copy of the same part but in Bb Treble clef - all of which are linked so that changes show up in all.

Similarly Tuba (in Bass Clef) and parts for Tuba (Bass Clef) and Eb Bass (Treble clef), Bb Bass (Treble Clef)


I think this is a great idea. Currently, if you change the clef on one linked staff the clef on the other changes to the same. There is no reason this should be the case. You should be able to put a tenor or alto clef on one of the staves and only that one would be affected. It would also be nice to be able to change the instruments independently on linked staves so you can make one a Trombone in bass clef and the other a Bb instrument in treble clef. This is actually what I expected to happen since you can enter a tablature and another staff for plucked instruments. When I first started writing my reply I was going to explain how it should work rather than how it does.

Currently all you can do is work around this shortcoming. Create a score for an instrument with the alternate notes then copy and past the entire staff at once. It's quite quick.

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. . . should be possible
1 Use transposition (e.g. trebble clef in Bb) in score
> be care for disabled concert pitch button !

2 Define two linked parts for the same instrument
> one for transposed notation
> the other in concert pitch - allows different clef (bass clef)

So you have 2 single parts in different notations (transpositions) with only one line in score
--> very comfortable for all additional changes

Will work fine if one part is in concert pitch - even with different clefs
--> trumpets in C and Bb
--> trombones, euphoniums, tubas in different clefs
--> but no solution if you need horns in Eb and F - in this case you must include both lines in the score.

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If you could define the linked staves with instruments that are different than one another, as I suggested, it would be possible to link an Eb and F horn, enter the notes for the Eb horn from the score you got on line, and the F horn notes would appear on the other line. I would then request an unlink feature, so that once the score is complete you will have the ability to hide or create separate parts for the two horns. This would enable the user to do any of the things you suggest.

I've been wondering how to do this too - luckily I found this thread before I created another one! The brass band bass clef / treble clef trombone is the driver for me, but there more common uses for this:

For example, you may want to create a 4-part piece, but have parts for multiple instruments.
Imagine a school group where you could have the top part played by flute, violin or trumpet (2 parts for TC in C and B flat), the second part played by any of the above or a French horn or alto sax or viola (add in TC in F and E flat, and alto clef in C), the third part played by alto sax (e flat) or tenor sax (b flat) or bass clef trombone (C). And so on... you might end up creating up to four versions of each of the four parts! You really don't want to have to keep all that in line.

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