An idea for improving forum message mechanics

• May 27, 2018 - 17:36

Is anyone interested in some code for improving the reply system? It is possible for replies in a thread to auto-include a reference to the exact person and post being replied to, which removes some ambiguity in very active subthreads where replies are too many layers deep to continue indenting.


@brian @mike320 how do you see the auto-include reference working? Like a quote solution, or simply an @mention of the username?

In reply to by Thomas

Often a simple @brian would be sufficient to know who the user was responding to when all of the replies have the same indentation. You usually have to read fewer posts to make sense out of the response. Sometimes this still isn't sufficient when, in my example, @brian has answered 3 or 4 times with the same indentations. There are times when two or more conversations are being interlaced with two conversation going on at one time and it gets rather confusing to determine who is saying what to who.

@Brian offered the code, I just agreed something to clarify who people are answering would be a good idea.

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