Confused about playback for Double Bass jazz pizzicato

• May 28, 2018 - 06:23

MuseScore can be set to play back DoubleBass pizzicato, as in a jazz style bass line. The instructions say to add the abbreviation "pizz" as Staff Text. Then, it says, one is to use "sff" and right-click that (MacBook doesn't have a right-click). -- I went to the Mixer and I thought I turned off the bowed style, leaving only a pizzicato option, but nothing changed on playback. Can someone clarify how to make a double bass part sound as if it is plucked in pizzicato style? Thanks!


There are 2 basses, Contrabass and double bass, they are the very same instrument, but with different defaults regarding arco and pizzicato, Contrabass by default use arco (named 'normal') and needs to switches to pizzicato where needed, Double bass is the other way round, default is pizzicato (named 'normal') and you need to switch to arco when needed.
Edit: apparently I am confusing Double Bass for Accoustic Bass, it seems Double Bass is just another name for Contrabass, with the same defaults.
So for a Jazz style Bass use Accoustic Bass.

Where and in which instructions do you see something about sff?
The instructions to read in this context are at

Right-click on Mac is 'secondary click'.

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The edit is correct - Double Bass and Contrabass are two names for the same thing, while "Acoustic Bass" is the "jazz" version that is actually the same thing except that it defaults to pizz. So, for a jazz score, you should be using "Acoustic Bass" - or simply start form one of the jazz tempaltes, which is already set up to do this. If you do find yourself trying to edit a score already set up with double bass / contrabass, then indeed, add the "pizz" text, set the playback as described in the Handbook using the standard Mac substitution of Ctrl+click anywhere you see mention of right click, and probably make the marking invisible since it is assumed anyhow in a jazz context. The Mixer isn't involved here unless you happen to also want to change the volume of the bass part relative to other parts, after adding what you think are appropriate dynamics.

Speaking of dynamics, that is what "sff" is, it also no relevance whatsoever to pizzicato.

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I'm encountering one more snag. - Removing the existing Bass Instrument gets no response. I'm not able to change to the Acoustic Bass. I guess I could add an Acoustic Bass and do the bass line but I would always have the Double Bass Instrument assigned as well. It seems there must be a better way. Then I can go ahead and do the rest of what you suggest. How do I get rid of what I have? Thanks!

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It's hard to say without an attached score, but I don't see why you would need you remove anything. Just change the existing instrument - right click the staff, Staff Properties, Change Instrument. Or you could add the new Instrument via Edit / Instruments, copy/paste the music to it, then delete the original (I guess you can't delete it first because is the only instrument).

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