Undo Effects of Musejazz.mss

• Jul 5, 2014 - 15:54

I loaded the musejazz.mss just to see the effect on my document, and now, deciding I don't like it (especially since the chord names are now a mixture of Jazz font and times new roman), I want to revert to the regular ('un-jazz') format.
Here's what didn't work so far:
Loading a backup file (which should have worked, I think)
Adjusting "Edit Text Style ..."
Trying to change the chords one by one
Looking for a "normal.mss" to load
Looking for a 'revert to default' button

Don't think re-installng the program will help.

I did export the file to xml and changed the extension to .mscz. That got rid of the 'jazz' stylings, but created other problems.

Suggestions, please.


What's the difference between adding chords via Control K and adding chords via Shift K ('Harmony Properties')?


I would do the following.

* Create a new score
* save the style of this score as normal.mss
* open your score
* apply normal.css

AFAIK, there is no difference between the chord names entered via Ctrl + K and Shift + K, except they are entered differently :)

If you are seeing chords with a mix of fonts, this is a red flag that you have entered chords incorrectly. If a chord didn't change font when you loaded that style, it means thst was not recognized as a chord at all and hence will not render correctly no matter what font - no flat or sharp signs, no transposition, no export, etc. Most likely you entered chords with an incompatible abbreviation style for the chird description file you are using - like trying to use "min" for minor when using a chord description file that expect "m", etc. See Chord name in the Handbook for more info on this.

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